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Try League Day May 14th, 2022

Come check out our try league day on May 14th, 2022. It will be from 10:00am to 12:00pm at Burnaby Lake Rugby Club. It will be a non-contact day to learn the rules of rugby league and introduce people to the rules variations. Anyone is welcome to come out and run around; men, women, beginner, expert.

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RLBC 2022 NRL Fantasy League

It's back! After a successful first season of our NRL Fantasy league we are considering this a new tradition within RLBC. The fantasy league was a great tool for players to stay involved in the game especially when we weren't able to be on the pitch. We hope our 2022 season will be just as successful! To join visit our NRL Fantasy page for instructions. Or use the code 2456PHZD to join the league.

Welcome to our 2022 Board Members

After a successful AGM with some of the best representation from throughout the league we are excited to annouce our new board members. Shaun Driver will be continuing on with his role as our secretary and will also now hold the title of acting president. Ben Hickey has been voted in to a very familiar role of VP Rugby Development. New face to the board Richard Marshall will be our new VP Sponsorship. Sarah Duncan was voted back into the position of VP Communication and Mark Kempton will be continuing his role as VP Finance. We can't wait to see all that the new and returning board members accomplish this season. If you are looking to get in contact with any specific member visit our Board Page or if you want to get incontact with the whole board email